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Web Design

In general web design pertains to the front-end design of websites, the look & feel of your digital content.

Web design entails many different skills and disciplines in the production of websites.
Graphic design ( avatar's & logo's ), User Interface design, User Experience design.

In the Web Design process there are many stages, and all need to be accomplished to achieve a successful website.

Most common development languages for web design are HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.
In todays market there are Multiple frameworks and technology to enhance the UI / UX of your visitor.

Web Content

The digital content or the story that your web design has to reveal.
Writing digital content is not the task of a web designer nor that of the client.

Web Content is a crucial part of creating a successful website.
Poor digital web content can lead to disappointing end result

Web Content Writer can be asked to create your digital content and together with the web design create a stunning success.

Web Development

Web Development pertains to the back-end or server side development of your website.
Here @ scorpiocoding we use QuickStart.

QuickStart is a homegrown lightweight customizable Dockerized Php-Mvc framework.
Github Quickstart Versions, Gulp, Webpack

Web Ops

Web Ops is basically everything to do with the webserver.
The Creation & Maintenance of the webserver (VPS),Operating software, Docker (compose), Web Hosting, Domain Names, etc.